Goblets [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Goblets:

Alfreton's eyes glistened, and his hand shook a little as he touched the rim of Winston's goblet.

There was a little table at hand; on it stood a rock-crystal goblet and a silver cooler filled with snow-water and rose sherbet.

In the course of the repast a silver goblet filled with Polish earth was presented to Chopin in the name of all.

Muzzio made both Fabio and Valeria drink a goblet of it, and he drank one himself.

Three times have I spoke, but no hero will spring And dive for the goblet, and dive for the King.

The left hand is lifted in triumph; behold, It waves as a trophy the goblet of gold!

The farmer kept the goblet until the following Christmas Eve, when his wife imprudently helped a tattered beggar to beer in it.

“I thought you'd say I was mazed, so I brort away this mug to show vor et,” he answered, producing the goblet.

When the boy returned with the bottles, Louis filled a goblet with the two liquors mixed, and handed it to Raoul.

It was death to laugh in the king's presence; but Sethos, replenishing the goblet to its brim, did not repress a smile.