Goblin [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Goblin:

The Halloween Blue Moon rises in the east in the evening, lighting the way for any ghosts and goblins that are out and about.

He was the strangest-looking creature Davy had ever seen, not even excepting the Goblin.

The Goblin stared about him in a dazed manner for a moment, and then said, "Sindbad the Sailor's house."

As it came near, it proved to be the clock, with a sail hoisted, and the Goblin sitting complacently in the stern.

The Goblin looked back despairingly, and Davy just caught the words, "I don't know how to turn around!"

"I'm quite aware that my appearance is not prepossessing," said the Hole-keeper, with a scornful look at the Goblin.

"He means that the fairies are here, and that means that we won't get our ride," said the Goblin, rather sulkily.

It seemed as if some goblin Michel Angelo had here done his carving and frescoing at the command of the lords of hell.

Its appearance was so formidable that he was just about whispering to the Goblin, "Let's run!"

The Goblin nodded his head, and, exclaiming "My, how you did cut and run!"