Gobs [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gobs:

And the amazing man drew out of his torn flapping furs the gobs of meat he had cut from the dead bear.

So with our bone knives we hacked off gobs of the still warm flesh, covered with great layers of fat.

The rain had soaked our lunch as well as us and we threw it away in gobs; we counted on supper in Green Valley.

The trunk of the larger was deeply scored with scratches dripping viscid gobs of sap, a sap which was a bright froth of scarlet.

We'll go aboard with his party not as officers, but as gobs.

Nobody ever looks at a couple of gobs in a vice-admiral's inspection party.

Even the man's face was splattered, his clothing encrusted with gobs of still-damp mud.

A dozen more followed his lead, squirming up and staring, shaking gobs of mud from their fur.

Looked like I was due to acquire merit in the domestic circle, great gobs of it.

Now, the firemen must be getting it under control, for great gobs of black smoke were oozing out of the building.