Godfathers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Godfathers:

Costell selected her brother and Klimas to be godfathers to both of her children.

He told the Times that after the deaths of his parents, he grew up with a godmother who was a domestic and a godfather employed at a mattress factory.

He watched over and protected the misguided woman, consenting to act as godfather to the child she had by Lousteau.

At 78 one must expect to go to Heaven shortly, but still one's friends will be sorry, no doubt, and Hal loses his godfather.

Almost immediately after the marriage Lorenzo set out for Milan to visit the new Duke, and stand godfather to his heir.

If you are chosen godfather, you are expected to send a silver mug to your godchild.

He was the godfather of typhoid fever, and from being a famous clinician became later a great pathologist.

Just over against it a throne was seen, most magnificently hung, for the godfather and godmother of the bell.

This friend was very rich and they were under some obligation to him, so that they could not refuse him as godfather.

I believe indeed, that that old fellow was my godfather and that his name too was Jacques.