Godhead [noun]

Definition of Godhead:

god, worshiped being

Synonyms of Godhead:

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Sentence/Example of Godhead:

The other alleged sculpture of the Godhead requires more careful examination.

False gods, whatever degree of godhead they usurped, had for a time the mystifying power of concealing their falsehood.

She had sat and listened for two mortal hours while her idol defiled himself and sneered away his godhead.

But it is possible to disengage and examine apart the two chief elements in the earliest as in the latest ideas of Godhead.

The appearance of a god in animal form—even in a loathsome animal form—would not derogate from his essential godhead.

The difficulty was of course that the moment you admit distinctions within the Godhead, there is no reason for stopping at three.

In Plotinus it is the first stage in the unfoldment of the Godhead, and is a distinct hypostasis, though not a person.

Unerringly he took the right course to enforce the rle thus amazingly thrust upon him and to establish his godhead.

Thus did he give the most decided testimony to his Godhead, for who but God, strictly speaking, can claim a people as his own?

Is not the Son declared equal to the Father as touching his Godhead?