Godhood [noun]

Definition of Godhood:

absolute being; divine nature

Synonyms of Godhood:

Opposite/Antonyms of Godhood:



Sentence/Example of Godhood:

The important thing was that his Godhood had been grossly, unbelievably insulted—and at a damned inconvenient time, too!

Mars looked grim, but when Forrester was formally proposed for Godhood, Mars made no objection.

The circle represents the attainment of godhood—victory over death through regeneration.

Immortal godhood is attained by counterpartal union, because the Central Source of Life is bi-une.

There is in it no account of miracles or of great pretensions to godhood and the like.

Knowledge was godhood; godhood was knowledge, of the essence; the essence was knowing understanding.

At last she seeks, like the serpent in Paradise, to allure him with the promise that in her arms he will attain to godhood.

He did not retaliate this time, but was glad to make his escape; for Pele had come to her godhood at last.

The godhood of the lowly Their sacrifice unknown; Of the temple once held holy There shall not last one stone.

The source of this despair, namely, the recognition of evil and wrong, is just the Godhood in man.