Godless [adjective]

Definition of Godless:

without a god or divine faith

Synonyms of Godless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Godless:

Sentence/Example of Godless:

Yet these very men endeavour to deride, and affect to despise, those whom they call the godless.

Hapless godless dullard that he is; driven and driving on courses that lead only downward, for him as for us!

Our age, so self-secure and boasting in many of its godless achievements, will end in a great judgment-catastrophe.

In Revelation xviii we have a similar lament over the final Babylon, the end in judgment of a godless, materialistic civilization.

As the Doctor recalled what he counted his father's godless death, he shuddered.

The "godless schools" exist only in the minds of those who for purposes of dispute and sectarianism decree them so.

Most of our difficulties come from this godless attitude which claims independence of life.

"It was a sad thing that it died, before it got the sign of the cross," said the godless old woman.

No, there is a godless grace, and snap, and style about a born and bred New-Yorker which mere clothing cannot effect.

What is dreaded now as the impious suggestion of the godless four thousand years ago was reverenced as a sacred tenet of religion.