Godlessness [noun]

Definition of Godlessness:

belief that no god exists

Synonyms of Godlessness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Godlessness:

Sentence/Example of Godlessness:

Exemplary punishment is to be visited upon me for "precocious godlessness, dangerous tendencies, and insubordination."

The ages which are the ages of godlessness are those in which there has been no challenging of the accepted thing.

It is the very godlessness of Hecuba's fortitude that makes it so terrible and, properly regarded, so noble.

Their iniquity and godlessness appeared to him in plain ugly colours undisguised.

Pride and godlessness infested the city, and prepared it for doom, as soon as it again gathered strength to rise to heaven.

Carelessness, worldliness and godlessness hold sway in too many of the congregations, homes and families.

We had, besides, felt some misgivings in our hearts on account of the godlessness of the person who was to conduct us.

What a mass of unbelief and godlessness surges up to the doors of our sanctuaries.

Lorand remarked in his uncle a deep, unfathomable feeling underlying his seeming godlessness.

Friction against widespread godlessness generates a flame of zeal, as it should always do.