Godlike [adjective]

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Soak in the unironic iconography of it all, the transmutation of mere politicians into godlike warriors from one of the three franchises the general public recognizes.

Si-Qin’s new theology may hold that all is one, but apparently it leaves room for the artist as godlike creator.

You probably won’t turn out as godlike as your high-level character, but you can try.

She was a creature consecrated, made holy by suffering; she was the sacredness of life incarnate, a thing godlike, beyond earth.

Then, holding it in one hand, he faced the assemblage and delivered himself of one Godlike belch.

But to Forrester's Godlike, abnormally perceptive vision, the park seemed no darker than it had at dusk, an hour or so before.

And so long as men are more creative and godlike in engines than they are in sermons, I listen to engines.

Using the ridges made by the toes as steps, she clammered up to the dark bulge of the deity's godlike bunion.

What but truth could so change our poor human nature into somewhat quite divine and godlike!

The soul experiences something like a godlike felicity and is transported into a sphere remote from the miseries of life.