Godly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Godly:

He and his wife immediately start to think of this peculiar child as not just otherworldly, but godly.

If it pleased the godly it was a god-send for Bunn whose exchequer it filled to repletion.

Only they saw deeper and truer into their profession, and found the secret of a true, happy, honourable and godly life.

The last few years have added to the Church of Scotland a high proportion of godly and devoted ministers.

In Connaught and other Irish districts ‘the godly,’ as the few Protestants esteemed themselves, thought it prudent to hide.

It was to their credit that they sought out godly men, to whom they might entrust the cure of souls.

This was done on the advice of Mr. John Phillip, of Wrentham—a godly minister of great influence in his denomination in his day.

But when the following Sunday came the lady was better, and lived for many years to assist her husband in his godly work.

These godly women (before mentioned) were both of Ipswich, and suffered about the same time with Cranmer.

Bradford in written eulogy ascribes to him "ye tender love & godly care of a true pastor."