Goer [adjective]

Definition of Goer:

accepted, established

Opposite/Antonyms of Goer:

Sentence/Example of Goer:

It’s thrilling and delightful when party goers find connections — but not unexpected.

A good neighbour and a regular church-goer, honest and industrious—let us hope that these qualities will be taken into account.

He is a steady lad,’ your father said, ‘and a canny goer; and I doubt not he will come safe, and be well liked where he goes.

I'm an old play-goer and I've an unbounded belief in my own judgement.

She's not a bad goer, and weatherly, I think, all will call her.

What he thought of Presbyterians we know, and he was never a church member, or indeed a church-goer.

He came to dinner with me one night, stipulating that he should be allowed to depart at 9.30, as he was such an early goer to bed.

The witch is supposed to go about chiefly under cover of darkness, and hence is called snny edh, the night goer.

It was a serious matter not to be a “meeting-goer,” it was, as Mr. Brooks says, to be ranged with thieves and other outlaws.

Kahle, "the goer," belies his name, for he loiters everywhere and always; yet I am not sorry.