Goes [noun]

Definition of Goes:

spirit, vitality

Synonyms of Goes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Goes:

Sentence/Example of Goes:

This is the first and principal point at which we can stanch the wastage of teaching energy that now goes on.

It goes without saying that Ferns of all kinds are interesting plants to grow in the garden and house.

Though the amount played for is serious, a good deal of rather bald conversation and chaff goes on.

It goes far to reconciling me to being a woman when I reflect that I am thus in no danger of ever marrying one.

The perspiration stands on young Lamb's face; again his cigar goes out.

Thomas goes on to contradict Aristotle, in holding quod nullum ens esset nisi corpus.

Leucippe herself goes far to make amends for the general insipidity of the other characters.

The lawyers do it for you; and if she goes away with Lovelock, nothing will be more simple than for me to have it arranged.

“Alas, mon bon Monsieur, it goes from bad to worse,” sighed the old man.

At least this is as far as my observation of him goes on the few occasions I have seen him in the beau monde.