Goggling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Goggling:

The videographer I worked with on that production, Gareth Tate, and I pitted the two goggles in that category against each other.

The best ski goggles use various methods to steer the fog away.

We talked about that, as well as what it’s like to clean in a shower cap and goggles, and the anxiety that comes with knocking on someone’s door in the middle of a pandemic.

We had to make sure that our equipment did not hinder the use of various accessories the dog may be wearing such as goggles, a leash, or a kevlar vest to protect it from being knifed after landing.

Obviously, if we can be helpful in getting them PPE—we’ve sent masks and gowns and goggles to clients trying to make sure they have what they need.

I think the first year I wore sunglasses in lieu of goggles and had a shoestring running through the sleeves of my jacket to my gloves, which was a pretty idiotproof way to not lose a glove.

For Thanksgiving, Petri said he would be okay with his two children on the West Coast flying to visit him, as long as they wore masks and goggles on the flight.

Skiers get accustomed to their helmet and goggle systems, and it’s no fun testing skis in stuff that doesn’t work right.

It just gives you a whole different perspective we’d never have with goggles, listening to music with headphones, at a hospital.

To immerse themselves in this environment, people wear special goggles.