Golf [noun]

Definition of Golf:

match play

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Sentence/Example of Golf:

In many cases, they are traveling at night by using small habitat patches like wooded backyards and strips of suburbia wood lines to link up to larger green spaces like cemeteries, golf courses, and parks.

I know he went out there and hired a golf pro and worked on his swing.

Saunders concluded that the first golf ball Shepard hit traveled roughly 24 yards, while the second golf ball traveled 40 yards.

Reed had sparked chatter on CBS’s telecast and throughout the golf world when he picked up a ball he claimed was embedded and played it from another lie after a free drop.

He would reunite with Laura in a few days, and he looked forward to playing golf with his grandson.

They think that people are going to be wanting to get out on the trails and golf courses and in their neighborhoods.

He lived in luxury, played golf, and traveled to Florida in essence saying to the people, “Let them eat cake,” apparently not caring they had no food.

Land and water are difficult to identify in areas that have close proximity to jobs and transit, and golf courses are generally located within communities that can readily accept more housing.

Still, activities such as golf, tennis and pickleball are permitted, according to the order.

For example, golf is considered low risk and can be played, but football and basketball are considered high risk and are off-limits.