Golly [interjection]

Definition of Golly:


Synonyms of Golly:

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Sentence/Example of Golly:

If dat preacher goes to run a bar agin me,” he says, “py golly, I makes no more moneys!

"Golly, but she's a gold dollar in a gold bank," remarked Jesse Bulrush warmly as he lurched into the street.

"By golly, I wouldn't go and feel that foolish again, not if yuh paid me for it," Slim declared.

"By golly, I want t' have a talk with that there broncho-tamer," Slim growled behind them.

"He didn't need no field glass to see you was a suspicious character, by golly," chortled Slim.

Why, by golly, I caught him just as he was going to empty out the coffee-boiler—and he knew blamed well I hadn't eat.

"By golly, things is getting pretty raw around this camp," he growled, by way of lifting the safety-valve of his anger.

"By golly, I'd ruther have a whole band uh tagers than this fighting bunch," Slim affirmed earnestly.

"Golly, dat Clarence sho' can move some," he exclaimed admiringly, as he gazed after the vanishing mule.

I golly, mars'r, dar's a big fight goin' on in dis yar place.