Gonad [noun]

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No young Cave Swallows were taken and gonads of adults were in various stages of reproductive activity.

The contents of the gonads drop into the central cavity and pass out through the mouth.

Four egg-sacs, or gonads, are conspicuous in horseshoe shape around the center of the disk.

The writer has recently examined the gonads of a ten months old parthenogenetic frog.

By hermaphroditism is meant the existence of complete and separate sets of female and male gonads in the same individual.

Although the hybrid appears to be male, the gonads (especially the right one) are poorly developed.

The gonads originate by proliferation of the anterior wall of the pericardium.

To this pericardial coelom is frequently added a gonocoel enclosing the gonads and the funnels of their ducts.

It seems that the posterior nephridia are mainly gonad ducts, and the gonads are developed in close association with the funnels.

Gonads not so restricted in position as in Oligochaets, and often more abundant; the individuals usually unisexual.