Goodies [noun]

Definition of Goodies:

good thing

Synonyms of Goodies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Goodies:

Sentence/Example of Goodies:

The Christmas dinner will be a great deal smaller, with fewer goodies than in other years.

You shall send us a box of goodies once in a while as you always do; and I will write to you and to Uncle Jabez.

Any one getting a candle end had to pay a forfeit, but those who caught the goodies could eat them.

Betsey was glad when mother decided on "Popcorn Goodies," for she found it such splendid fun popping the corn.

The goodies seemed ready to be eaten; the little folks were eager to taste; still Miss Lucy did not give the word.

Then the spread was ready, and the company sat down to a camp table laden with home made goodies.

The girls unpacked the baskets, and spreading a table-cloth, arranged the goodies most temptingly thereon.

And then the merry tiny creatures ate the goodies brought in the acorn baskets.

Then she giggled, and darted away to the lower regions of the house, leaving the two chums to enjoy the goodies.

Nan smiled, thinking of how she had left Douglas actually dancing as she packed the goodies and smiling all over her happy face.