Goodly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Goodly:

But the withering mildew was now breathed forth, that was intended to blast this goodly harvest.

Will your Majesty be pleased to have them given a goodly number of religious, so that they may attend to their ministries.

There were infinite possibilities for "the greaser" to pocket a goodly share of the profits, and "cover up his tracks."

We should raise a goodly sum of money this winter toward the building fund.

The young doctor was there, too, as were Mrs. Tip Pulsifer and a half dozen others, a goodly company to greet us.

On leaving Conway we crossed the suspension bridge, paying a goodly toll for the privilege.

God has given the American people a goodly heritage—the fairest the world has ever seen.

A goodly mass of yellow metal shone in the bottom of the pan, which, when weighed, was found to be worth about sixty dollars.

Peer Khan and Motee were, however, not idle, and brought a goodly heap of jewels and coin to swell the general stock.

I will undertake it, and moreover, I will promise a goodly flow of red blood from the corpus of the Holophernes.