Goofs [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Goofs:

A UConn basketball fan drank hot sauce on Twitter as a goof.

I just want to be sure somebody didn't goof and ring a special in here.

That picture, rising before my eyes, didn't give me much confidence in the unfortunate goof's ability to woo and win, I must say.

We know we're gonna get 'em eventually, because we know they're gonna goof up eventually, and then we'll have 'em.

Or was p. 39 this all goof ball sentiment in his own mind, to make himself feel real modest?

It was easier to assume that the goof-ups were being done deliberately.

If she makes one more goof till this deal is over, the recording gets released to the Hub's news viewer outfits, yowls and all.

What kind of psionic force would it take to make so many people in the United States goof up the way they were doing?

He didnt know which way to turn, because he didnt know which way the goof was going to pull up.

It was the external field around the hull that had decided to goof off this time.