Goon [noun]

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In movement vernacular, Boogaloo refers to an inevitable and imminent armed revolt, and members often call themselves Boogaloo Bois, boogs or goons.

Dutifully Lamb's goon turned and retraced his steps to the curb, holding his four-square hat carefully.

Louis the Goon practically demanded, invited, the use of a .45 automatic on him.

Louis the Goon Engel was a mere walk-on in the piece, a spear-carrier doomed to death.

Louis the Goon went along, looking neither to right nor left, docilely intent on minding his own business.

Louis the Goon came down and scooted out the side entrance in a hurry.

Lamb wondered whether Louis the Goon would get up the nerve to hit his boss for that raise today, as Ede had demanded.

He had got so that he felt a little lonely when he didn't have Louis the Goon right handy.

Some ten minutes later, after due investigation, he knew how he was going to put Louis the Goon on the spot.

And there was Louis the Goon—his little clay pigeon—in one of the booths with a doll.