Goosed [verb]

Definition of Goosed:

cause to happen; encourage

Opposite/Antonyms of Goosed:

Sentence/Example of Goosed:

“Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…” The holidays are upon us and while the parameters of how we mark the season may have changed, many of the melodic celebrations are still taking place – only differently.

It includes a blue heron, a flying goose, a sunflower and a fox — all creatures and foliage you can find in the Bombay Hook wildlife refuge.

He is a red-hot Republican, and in his box score the New Deal is just so many goose eggs.

After three hours of unencumbered mountain bliss, I was feeling brave, so I stripped down and leapt into the freezing water, sending a shock through my system that covered my whole body in goose bumps.

Because geese are larger, they also produce larger down clusters, and larger clusters create higher fill-power numbers.

The plane bounced wildly, but he goosed the engine, and checked a disastrous second meeting with the wind-swept ground.

He was goosed last night, he was goosed the night before last, he was goosed to-day.

He goosed it four more times, but only got two boosts as a result.