Gorgeously [adverb]

Definition of Gorgeously:

in an attractive or pleasing manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Gorgeously:


Sentence/Example of Gorgeously:

The princes and nobles sit in these howdahs to the number of two or four, and are very gorgeously attired in Oriental costumes.

He pushed open the door and entered a somewhat gorgeously furnished salon.

Never felt so gorgeously, deliciously happy in my life, said Flick, in a melancholy tone.

She is gorgeously attired, and is allowed to retain her dress and ornaments after the performance.

They and their steeds were gorgeously decked out with strings of bright silk tassels.

They were all gorgeously attired, and lolling about in indolent attitudes, as if life were an indescribable bore to them.

Following the Emperor to the billiard-room, she saw upon the table some gorgeously carved chessmen sent to him by Mr. Elphinstone.

Adelaide came forth gorgeously dressed, and carrying her head high just as Sarah passed.

On the 11th of November he was gorgeously entertained by the Lotos Club in its new building.

Bella was gorgeously dressed, and made her entrance with the stiffest possible dignity.