Gorgons [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gorgons:

Unfortunately the journal says very little of the Gorgon's voyage home.

But the messenger of the gods bade him have no fear, for he himself had come to help in the perilous quest for the Gorgon's head.

Catching up the cloak in which he had wrapped the Gorgon's head, he cried: "Whoever is my friend, let him turn away his eyes."

In Gruenwald's eyes, the only difference between me and Medusa the Gorgon was that looking at me did not turn him to stone.

She has no beauty; and as for Gorgon, the creature has a look of timid softness in waiting behind her rocky eyes.

This face, like the fabled Gorgon, turns cheerfulness to stone.

The head of the Gorgon again procured for Perseus an easy victory.

He would put down invidious comments, disarm gossip, in short cut off the gorgon's head at the first struggle.

The Supply and the Gorgon had departed, and with them a valuable portion of our friends and associates.

Of the three bulls which were landed two only were living at this period, beside the bull calf produced on board the Gorgon.