Gosh [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Gosh:

"I'll be gosh-darned ef that ain't the damnedest," said he, slowly.

"Gosh, you sure made a footprint there," he said wonderingly.

I aint got no scores to settle with you, but I have with that little demon, an by gosh shell know it, when Ive done with her!

"Ef they carry her off again it will be over my dead body, b'gosh," he murmured more than once.

The Gosh Utes take rabbits in nets made of flax-twine, about three feet wide and of considerable length.

If it does thrive and deliver, by gosh, a whole lot of agricultural dope will be knocked to pieces.

Just try to forget that I used to be a crook and that in ordinary times I am one of the most gosh-awful liars on earth.

"Gosh, they'll get away sure as thunder," shouted Switzer, as he fired his revolver after the vanishing car.

“Gosh, I sure hope we can win that beautiful baby,” Midge said, gazing longingly at the trophy.

By gosh, Ill go down the next one on your skis, just for that!