Gossiped [noun]

Definition of Gossiped:

talk about others; rumor

Opposite/Antonyms of Gossiped:




Sentence/Example of Gossiped:

The dining room, once an outlet for gossip and intrigue, was shuttered and the theater room padlocked.

Quick chats, catching up over coffee, hallway gossip, late-night laughs with loved ones can be the best gifts of life.

There’s still a little spark of gossip here, names dropped, and stories propped up and left on the roadside for embarrassment or for examination.

Bartenders still hear the world, and while that resonance would normally include a mixture of hearsay, local gossip and drowsy one-liners, it has now become a storm of collective struggle.

Farewell to the gossip dispensed at the break room coffee machine.

He, with others, thinking the miss-sahib had gone to church, was smoking the hookah of gossip in a neighboring compound.

Each little family group had had its say and exchanged its domestic gossip earlier in the evening.

He returned to the hotel, and, eluding a gossip-seeking landlady, went up to his room.

He talked a good deal on various topics, a little politics, some city news and neighborhood gossip.

In spite of the character bestowed upon her by her old friend, Mrs. Barford dearly loved a bit of gossip.