Gossiper [noun]

Definition of Gossiper:

person who gossips

Synonyms of Gossiper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gossiper:


Sentence/Example of Gossiper:

Every new report veered the vane on this old gossiper's steeple, and he went on believing one day and disbelieving the next.

The meal did not last long, for the aunt, who was a gossiper, was only serving delicatessen that evening.

Nothing worse can happen to the couple than to be discovered by this gossiper.

But in place of that he is only a gossiper, writing merely for the entertainment of a private circle.

The garrulous chroniclers, and saintly Bede himself, that primeval gossiper, afford abundant evidence of such secret revelations.

Burnet was a 'gossiper, slanderer, and notorious falsifier of facts.'

Off the stage he was a snob by affiliation and a gossiper by inclination.