Gossiping [verb]

Definition of Gossiping:

talk about others; spread rumors

Synonyms of Gossiping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gossiping:

Sentence/Example of Gossiping:

Aristide stood gossiping until the Mayor invited him to take a place at the table and consume liquid refreshment.

Now she has some one to do her work she will stay gossiping about the town till dark night.

It was no longer a confidential maid gossiping with the casual waiter of a smart hotel.

He was worse than the gossiping women, letting himself conjure up weird and incredible ideas.

They are veiled and swathed in wraps, and seem to spend their time gossiping or asleep in the innermost recesses of the cabin.

Dragged from under the buggy he was soon out of the minds of the gossiping group, curiosity drew him to the old well.

Eating and drinking went on merrily, combined with gossiping and running from house to house.

Two days' watching that delirious swine and bottling up the gossiping little demon Chovet!

If we merely talked it over in our rooms it would sometimes seem like gossiping, even though we did not intend it to be such.

A few women were gossiping at their doors, a couple of men slouched past on their way to the beer-shop at the corner—that was all.