Gossipy [adjective]

Definition of Gossipy:

tending to gossip

Synonyms of Gossipy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gossipy:


Sentence/Example of Gossipy:

I discovered the gossipy 2013 PBS history of Chatsworth, the seat of the Dukes of Devonshire, with its gardens, fountains, and art inside and out.

Very different it was from the chatty, gossipy way in which she filled the "Woman's Kingdom," on the back page of the Express.

Six years in that gossipy village had made me, so I thought, capable of rising above such things.

There was a message from Jerry, a short gossipy note from his publisher, and another love letter from Havana.

If only it might not be some scolding bluejay; or perhaps a gossipy crow, perched on a neighboring dead tree.

I thought she'd do; she seemed a gossipy woman, kept on knitting and gassing over a stove in the hall.

Here is a gossipy history of American quadrupeds, bright, entertaining and thoroughly instructive.

Through no fault of her own she had given Granville another choice morsel to roll under its gossipy tongue.

The gossipy gables of the old houses lean toward each other like peaked eldritch faces in fluted red caps.

He felt that he could sit there forever and listen to the gossipy river and the whispering trees.