Gothic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gothic:

Below the great gothic windows spreads the awning of a café, which takes up all the ground floor.

It was an antique, half-Gothic, half-Saracenic looking edifice, which they now approached.

It is built in the Gothic style, with a fine large tower rising above half-a-dozen smaller ones.

This and the following monument are partly let into the wall, and are surmounted by beautiful Gothic canopies.

The town possesses some handsome schools and private buildings, and a Christian church, in pure Gothic style.

In one place the lofty roof of a majestic building presents itself—in another, a gigantic Gothic tower rises aloft.

Here also, we must look back to the Gothic romances, and to those of Scudery and Calprenede.

It is strange, if this be true, that there should be so strong a belief in the influence of Gothic blood in the race.

The style of building is strictly Gothic, and the architecture, considering the order, is very good.

Learned people say it is built in the florid Gothic style of architecture, and we are not inclined to dispute their definition.