Gotten [verb]

Definition of Gotten:

come into possession of; achieve

Synonyms of Gotten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gotten:

Sentence/Example of Gotten:

Squinty, several times, looked at the hole under the pen, by which he had once gotten out.

"Pa" is somewhat proud of his boy, and Charles was of course elaborately gotten up for so great an occasion.

There is an old mother hog that has gotten quite wild, and has a litter of young ones with her that are hard to catch.

In thy wisdom and thy understanding thou hast made thyself strong: and hast gotten gold an silver into thy treasures.

As he saw it there was a plot between Scattergood and McKettrick to get him—and he appeared to have been gotten.

Then we would never have gotten this far, Valerie declared, struggling to pull on a brown riding boot.

Thou hast this day gotten gold, eggs, cheeses, and a little blue purse broidered with silver.

I ken he has gotten rises in wages for a' the men who ha'e joined, an' that he is advocatin' an eight hours day.

As soon as they had gotten clear of the reefs, they did not stop to reconnoitre the camp, but pushed by at full speed.

If I were a woman I would prefer to lie stretched out at the morgue than be the joint possessor of that man's ill-gotten wealth.