Gouged [verb]

Definition of Gouged:

cut, scoop

Synonyms of Gouged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gouged:


Sentence/Example of Gouged:

My head was swimming a bit, and there was a throb of pain from my side where a slug had gouged a path.

Behind him wavered a long, deep-gouged furrow-trail, pitiful attest of suffering.

They were very vicious fighters, and not only gouged and scratched, but frequently bit off noses and ears.

Instantly fierce snaps followed, and when he drew out the dripping stick, its extremity was gouged as if with dagger stabs.

These are placed in a lathe and gouged out, forming the pin in the rough.

So Carlton gouged in the soft stone till the holes for the eyeballs had disappeared.

They have been gouged out, in every direction, by the furious tropic rains and tropic rain-torrents.

Through a crevice in this wall the water seeped, and when he had gouged out the puttylike blue clay the flow increased fivefold.

They were lean as wolves those men of the dump and drift, and their faces were gouged and grooved with relentless toil.

And if there were more gouged eyes and more teeth knocked out, there were fewer widows and not so many orphans either.