Gourds [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gourds:

I will cook, and I’m setting up a fall table with leaf and gourd decorations and a sweet pecan pie candle.

One is simply composed of a crooked stick, a small hollow gourd, and a single string of brass wire.

See Fig. 85, a copy of a broken sepulchral slab, in which the prophets booth is reduced to a single branch of a gourd.

With that he took a big gourd from the corner and painted a face on it with a piece of charcoal found in the fireplace.

Through the opening he slowly pushed the gourd, topped by the hat and having long hair hanging down the sides.

I have a clear picture of the warrior holding the 247 end of the cord calling for some one to bring a gourd of water.

I have still a big piece of bread in my wallet; you will fill my gourd with water; that will suffice me.

She motioned for Patricia to remain where she was and in a few minutes brought water in a gourd, and some venison.

Every third girl now received a large empty gourd, a grooved board, and the dry shoulder-bone of a sheep.

Over this they usually wear a sleeveless jacket of brown frieze, and the cap is of light brown felt, shaped like half a gourd.