Gourmand [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gourmand:

He knew Lebel was a gallant and a gourmand, and he was anxious to please him in all senses at once.

"The most delicious pate de foie," urged Lawyer Ball, who was a regular gourmand.

Here is a repast which Dame Nature pays for and which would satisfy, I am sure, the greatest gourmand.

When an ant has discovered any rich prey, far from enjoying it alone, like a gourmand, it invites all its companions to the feast.

And there, believe me, is one of the charms of travel, even to the man who is not a gourmand.

The modern gourmand, or artist, is a romanticist, whether he will or no.

My relation was gourmand enough to have preferred eleven dishes of meat.

The intelligent, artistic, refined man is a gourmet in love; the foolish and brutal man is a gourmand.

Chops and garlic à la Francaise are exquisite; and the saddle, cut learnedly, is the Elysium of a gourmand.

What was one woman lost to him, his egotism whispered; he had parted from many, as a gourmand leaves one meal for another.