Govern [verb]

Definition of Govern:

take control; rule

Opposite/Antonyms of Govern:

Sentence/Example of Govern:

When the existing Republican Party has been reduced to political rubble, those who do not have a home in the Democratic Party can clear away the rubble, find a governing philosophy and develop a constituency.

The upfront philosophy is governed by wanting to create lifetime value relationships with clients.

“We need to unite for us to take the majority and govern,” McCarthy told the gathering, according to a lawmaker in the room.

One of his attorneys, David Moyse, said Tuesday that, at the time of the assault, his client was governed by broader issues connected with years of alcohol abuse.

Federal health privacy laws don’t govern a lot of biometric data collected by teams, legal experts say.

The more immediate concern is that law enforcement groups are acquiring technologies while sidestepping the governing bodies set up to serve as a check on police authority.

They take risks to remain open, and that openness is rewarded with a sense of service and even loyalty among the governed.

As procedures and regulations vary from country to country, the challenge is how to govern mega-constellations without creating legal fragmentation.

It’s an argument that says Big Tech should govern itself according to norms of viewpoint neutrality.

Its military withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005—which has since 2007 been governed by the militant group Hamas—but it continues to control the movement of goods in and out of the territory via an air, land, and sea blockade.