Governs [verb]

Definition of Governs:

take control; rule

Opposite/Antonyms of Governs:

Sentence/Example of Governs:

But the idea that quantity of labor governs value will not stand examination for a moment.

After Macrobeus understand coude (from l. 283), which governs the infin.

The best type of government is that which results in the greatest happiness and safety of all those whom it governs.

Well, those wives governed them, as the Emperor governs us; and if they were not loved, they were at least respected.

We dont even care who governs us now, said a Turk of position to the writer (then a prisoner in Turkish hands in Anatolia).

You've done the wrecking yourself by breaking pretty nearly every law that governs the workings of the human machine.

Here we have at once a tacit assumption which governs his method.

There must be some law—some time and weight factor that governs these things.

O Gods, whose power governs all things, what is this adventure?

What governs men is the fear of truth, except such as is useful to them.