Gowns [noun]

Definition of Gowns:

robe, dress

Synonyms of Gowns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gowns:


Sentence/Example of Gowns:

As masks, gloves, shields and gowns break down, they’ll produce a deluge of tiny plastics.

The Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum has displayed high-school-graduation gowns and local restaurant menus, with the same seriousness and staging another museum would give a famous painting.

The Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals also helped her procure masks and gowns, as did one patient who ordered supplies from overseas.

I did not have a single — really — I didn’t have a single N95 mask, surgical mask, isolation gown, nitrile glove.

Instead of donning and removing protective masks, gowns and other gear many times a day, nurses spend their entire 12-hour shifts in protective equipment.

Over several months, the hospital has phased out community-made gowns because it found a commercial supplier.

That worker was left spraying Lysol daily on a set of masks and gowns he was forced to reuse.

Earlier this year, inspectors twice flagged breakdowns at North Ridge Health and Rehab in the suburbs of Minneapolis, finding that some staff members did not wear masks, change gowns or wash their hands.

The officer wore a cloth mask, gown and eye protection during all of the interactions.

Threw my cap and gown in the back, everything I owned in the back of the ’63 VW Bug, fired that baby up and headed for California.