Grabbed [verb]

Definition of Grabbed:

latch on to

Synonyms of Grabbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grabbed:

Sentence/Example of Grabbed:

Cicilline’s review ultimately unearthed a trove of emails from Zuckerberg and his lieutenants apparently plotting against competitors, a series of discussions in which they reference making a “land grab” targeting rival apps.

The nice thing about it is … the division is still up for grabs.

He threw a pass up for grabs and the ball went directly to Packers safety Raven Greene.

The state’s up-for-grabs Senate seat goes to Democrat Barbara Bollier.

Only 16 percent of Hmong Americans reported contact by a political party in 2016, and according to sociologist Yang Sao Xiong, the Hmong American vote is “up for grabs” in 2020.

After last night, it now feels like we are fully undeclared and up for grabs.

Politically, fairness has been discarded by Republicans willing to flout their own talking points from 2016 in a naked power grab to fill a Supreme Court seat.

With entire power conferences yet to take the field, no team has capitalized on an up-for-grabs national spotlight more than Miami.

Five years ago, the world’s biggest advertisers put tens of billions of media dollars up for grabs for agencies to duke it out over.

Finally, the company is throwing in a grab bag of discounts and offers from others.