Grabber [adjective]

Definition of Grabber:

scary, shocking

Opposite/Antonyms of Grabber:

Sentence/Example of Grabber:

A new robotic grabber is ripped straight from the plant world.

If a man had not taken land himself, he might have worked for some one who had, or bought cattle from a land-grabber.

Did you ever see such a beau grabber in your life as that countrified Page Allison?

He, Wickson, a sordid money-grabber, has the power to determine whether I shall or shall not teach in the university of the state.

The English working-man is no Englishman nowadays; no calculating money-grabber like his wealthy neighbour.

Your plant is a land-grabber of Rob Roy proclivities; it believes in a fair fight and no favour.

So long as the food shark and commodity-grabber owned an article he would always find the means to make the public pay for it.

Not so much of a money grabber as that muff Headland wanted you to believe, is he—eh?

In consequence Connell was regarded by the National League here as a ‘land-grabber.’

Good heavens, Dick, I never thought you were a money-grabber.