Grabbing [verb]

Definition of Grabbing:

latch on to

Synonyms of Grabbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grabbing:

Sentence/Example of Grabbing:

Tess Rillette was grabbing Lasseroe's arm, saying, "Please—enough has already happened—"

I went sideways out of the door, grabbing my gun as I rolled on the pavement.

I just can't look at those baking-powder biscuits without grabbing one; I'm that wolfish.

But before he could make the grabbing move the corridor door slammed noisily and the madman was gone.

The Dutch girl, singing a song of the lowlands, was grabbing clothes off a line, with no fear of running over an old man.

It was just a case of one root coming up and his grabbing another one, and slipping a little each time.

Grabbing Hop Loo's waving arm, Matt deftly relieved the yellow fist of the billet of wood.

I could give you a lot of examples of bright young chaps who have grabbed in when the grabbing was good.

Grabbing from his bag the first magical tool he could find he transformed the bushes into three white pigs.

But Snake suddenly reeled, and went down on one knee, grabbing the sides of the plank.