Gracefully [adverb]

Definition of Gracefully:


Opposite/Antonyms of Gracefully:

Sentence/Example of Gracefully:

Still, in one of his last acts as president, Bush wrote a generous, graceful letter to incoming President Bill Clinton.

I saw at least 10 small boats coming to help, I jumped in a private boat whose owners were graceful enough to send their captain help out.

In the Bronx, Curtis is trying the spruce pine and the graceful longleaf pine, both native to southern states.

They’re also graceful swimmers, and can hold their breath for up to five minutes.

Amy Grant texted me and told me she listened and thought my story was beautiful in the way I told it and graceful and I appreciated that.

Venice is a City of the Past, and wears her faded yet queenly robes more gracefully by night than by day.

Perry's arms fell gracefully to his side and he inclined his head and half closed his eyes in acknowledgment.

How gracefully she led off the merry dance whilst clogs were on her spirits, weighing upon every movement.

Even if you see that matters are going wrong, do not let your annoyance appear, but gracefully ignore the painful facts.

By making them habitual, they will become natural, and appear easily, and sit gracefully upon you.