Gracefulness [noun]

Definition of Gracefulness:


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Sentence/Example of Gracefulness:

The aim of the artist in the whole design appears to have been towards perfection of gracefulness.

They are characterized by peculiar gracefulness and elegance, which did not interfere with strength.

Her slim, rather lanky figure grew rounder and increased in gracefulness.

In figured dances she acquits herself extremely well, and in a minuet, with inimitable ease and gracefulness.

This I maintain without joking; a sack-like gracefulness, thats an artistic ideal.

Instead of his former gracefulness, he appeared sottish and vulgar, which made me extremely reserved with him.

If I was madly jealous of her, I felt the most overwhelming delight in the praises bestowed upon her beauty and her gracefulness.

Gracefulness is an idea not very different from beauty; it consists in much the same things.

With these came a damsel of such extraordinary beauty and gracefulness of figure that Sir Percival stood amazed.

Before I saw you to-day my ears have rung with the interminable praises of your gracefulness and daring on horseback.