Graceless [adjective]

Definition of Graceless:

clumsy, unsophisticated

Synonyms of Graceless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graceless:

Sentence/Example of Graceless:

His slight, thin, rather graceless figure seemed suddenly to expand, even to grow taller.

But the graceless Henrietta stuck her tongue out and stole into the passage, whence she hoped to reach the workroom unobserved.

Tremayne reported that Clanricarde was quite unable to restrain his graceless sons.

Valmond had, in a vague, graceless sort of way, worked upon the quick emotions of Elise.

They could swim all day, likely enough, those graceless young scamps.

Like the lion to which his graceless son compared him, Ninus was lashing himself into rage.

He carried things with a high hand, indeed, treating the partners as he might a graceless lot of undisciplined midshipmen.

A few graceless fellows in the company began to eat and drink before a blessing was asked, and seemingly fared well.

I'll try to think of my own latter end; a gray beard, and a graceless heir; in order to make me serious.

But, his terms being all rejected, he said proudly, “It is folly to seek grace at a graceless face.”