Gracelessly [adverb]

Definition of Gracelessly:

with difficulty

Synonyms of Gracelessly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gracelessly:

Sentence/Example of Gracelessly:

"Sure," said the other gracelessly, and tossed his own slicker onto a bunk.

As a matter of course she regretted this, and wished there had been no marriage, now that George had turned out so gracelessly.

His straight black hair hung as gracelessly on either side of his hollow face as the hair of an American Indian.

He took it rather gracelessly and, deliberately opening his watch, placed it inside the case.

But though she spoke thus gracelessly of an important State function she attended it herself with grace, and behaved well.

Charter arose and extended his hand, which she took gracelessly, but was instantly sorry that she had misjudged his intent.

When I am tired of myself I will retire gracefully—or perhaps gracelessly; but I will retire.

They spat on the floor while at the table, leaning on their elbows gracelessly.

For me to write another would be what is somewhat gracelessly called a work of supererogation.