Gracelessness [noun]

Definition of Gracelessness:

clumsiness; inelegance

Opposite/Antonyms of Gracelessness:

Sentence/Example of Gracelessness:

Now, there are many reasons why this gracelessness of young children should be pretty and sympathetic to us.

One alone I have gracelessness—not to dispute—but to wish to extend.

The matter which had taken Mr. Carlyle thither was entered upon immediately—Francis Levison, his debts, and his gracelessness.

So that one would think a very little grace might serve to cure such a fruitless sin: and therefore it is a sign of gracelessness.

This dancing is to the ballet of civilized lands what the gracelessness of Egypt was to the grace of Greece.

But he did not choose to descant upon his gracelessness to Margery.

Like him was I, these sloping shoulders, this gracelessness.

His jaw stiffened, then with a sense of chagrin for this gracelessness he stepped forward with a belated cordiality.

The doctor's impulsive nature rose in revolt against the merciless brevity and gracelessness of that reply.

Then the gracelessness of the masculine method was acknowledged and deplored.