Gracing [verb]

Definition of Gracing:

beautify, embellish

Synonyms of Gracing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gracing:

Sentence/Example of Gracing:

Gentlemen I thank you all heartily for gracing my man Raph, and I promise you, you shall see him oftner.

He built practically every henhouse now gracing or disgracing the backyards of our village.

Two is a fonder number gracing the clock than one--a relief from monogamy, a rightful place to start.

He had seen his cannibal; more, he had talked with him; more still, he had escaped gracing the festal board by a snake's knuckle.

Do not banish me from your home; honor me, pray, by gracing my house with your presence now and then to meet your children.

More introductions followed, and additional refreshments were soon gracing the table.

After gracing the triumph of Aurelian, she, like Longinus, may be offered as a new largess to the still hungering legions.'

Her sleeve filling from gracing arms reveals a white fleshflower of vaccination.

They have had the honor of his countenance, while they probably thought that they were gracing him with theirs.

The upholsteries and rugs were more splendid than any that Cornelia had seen gracing the palace of Roman patrician.