Graciousness [noun]

Definition of Graciousness:

compassion, generosity

Opposite/Antonyms of Graciousness:

Sentence/Example of Graciousness:

I didn’t shop so much as linger, but the staff were gracious enough to ignore me, which I appreciated.

His wife, Sarah, was a gracious hostess, but she was also a Methodist who didn’t drink, dance or attend the theater, according to the Miller Center at the University of Virginia.

We’ve since learned that it was, in fact, gracious and encouraging.

Although he had every reason to resent Lincoln, Douglas turned out to be one of the most gracious losers in presidential history.

It is a gracious act to know that you are up against something pretty big and to allow yourself to slow with it, rather than pretend it isn’t happening.

He bowed a trifle stiffly, and was surprised to have his bow returned with a graciousness that amounted almost to cordiality.

She was a very literary young woman, much spoken of in Bohemian circles for elegance and graciousness.

The graciousness of the gesture, was plain enough to the whole room, but the words reached only Courtney and me.

"Well, you must come if you ever care to," she said, with a big-sister graciousness.

Ordinarily, Ronny would have addressed the strangers with a certain graciousness of manner which was one of her charms.