Graded [adjective]

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If the wages are graded according to capacity, then the grading is done by the everlasting elective officials.

Here the rubber markets are located and here the rubber is carefully examined, graded, boxed and shipped to New York or Liverpool.

There are three classes of schools—common, graded and high—all maintained by the government and all free and undenominational.

Half of it has in fact been accomplished, and a properly graded track, with wide sweeps and zigzags, goes up part of the ascent.

To accomplish this object, I have given a course of lessons in a graded or classified school of the third class.

When I've built the bridge and graded back the road we can take the full number of bags across, and that makes for economy.

These problems make up a graded series of considerable interest, and are worth careful study and comparison.

It was flat upon58 the top, and graded with earth so as to be quite level and free from inequalities.

The work is clearly laid out and graded; reviews are amply provided, both by duplication and by dictation work.

The 'Nonpareil Speaker' will be welcomed by parents and teachers for the fresh material graded for all ages.