Gradient [noun]

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Inside the liner laid the Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick in 105, followed by the Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick in 103 for a gradient appeal.

The resulting gradient from alkaline to more acidic water is like the difference between the positive and negative ends of a battery and can serve as an energy source for chemical activity.

This difference, or gradient, makes a positive charge build up on one side of the “wires” and a negative charge on the other.

There’s a wide gradient up to dry enough to burn explosively.

Based on these gradients of information flow, the Santa Fe team distinguishes three types of individuality.

Its largest tributary, North Caney Creek, has a gradient of 15.5 feet per mile.

At five and a half miles the brow of the main rise was reached, and the gradient became much flatter beyond it.

Both sledges ran easily for nearly a mile over neve, when the gradient increased to one in ten, forcing us to relay.

This ridge had a gradient of one in ten, and, unfortunately, also sloped down towards one of the open crevasses.

This is really the driving wheel by which it slowly moves up the steep gradient.