Grads [noun]

Definition of Grads:

person actively learning

Synonyms of Grads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grads:

Sentence/Example of Grads:

Right now, my life is mostly classical because I teach grad students who are going to be conductors.

The Naval Postgraduate School, a grad institution for Naval officers and others, is the first place to put one of these massive Xerox machines into service.

Kalita interviews 20-year old P-TECH grad Shekinah Griffith.

Navigating the job hunt during Covid was already very difficult because hospitals were on hiring freezes, and many just didn’t have a budget to train new nursing grads.

Fresh out of grad school in 2015, Amber Nichols was looking for a job in the NBA and life experience that would force her to grow.

Oscar was an Executive Captain for a year, who are essentially the coaches of the coaches of the grads.

He told her to go to grad school and not worry about compounding her existing student debt.

I asked a variety of female-identifying search marketers – from industry veterans to recent grads – to offer their tips on how we can all better support women in SEO.

In 1997 I went to grad school for architecture at UC Berkeley to learn more about his practice.

When my daughter flew to grad school in California, I insisted she fly Delta, though other carriers fly the same route.