Gradual [adjective]

Definition of Gradual:

happening slowly, evenly

Synonyms of Gradual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gradual:

Sentence/Example of Gradual:

It seemed the plan was to slowly capture market share with a gradual introduction of new features across its platform.

Its gradual eradication meant ending the needless suffering and death of millions and millions of people every year.

By Wednesday, we start clearing out and begin a gradual warming trend until another shot of cold air by Saturday.

In October 2019, five weeks after finishing the AT, a doctor rechecked an X-ray of my left foot and cleared me for a gradual return to running.

This has been a gradual, maybe too gradual, transition for our industry.

All three companies have observed a gradual shift in companies’ top concerns, from legal compliance or model performance to ethics and responsibility.

Starting in the mid-90s, you saw a gradual but increasing lift of the minimum age at which you’re allowed to just ride in the seatbelts.

As we’ve seen, there hasn’t been an abrupt exit from tech-heavy growth stocks, but rather a gradual shift.

In Britain, the same pattern held — very gradual increases in the prevalence of the variant, followed by a sudden surge in which it became the dominant strain in southern England and led to a new set of lockdowns.

XRP is different from Bitcoin and Ethereum in that the latter two currencies are minted in a gradual, ongoing process called mining.